Meet Willow Feminine Oil: The Sexiest Self-Care Practice You Haven’t Tried Yet

Arms. Legs. Hands. Face. We have a cream to nourish every part of our body, except the one we’re most intimately connected to. When TCM contributor and women’s health expert, Nicole Granato, introduced us to Willow feminine oil, a gorgeous, therapeutic bottled blend designed to revolutionize our self-care routine, we fell in love right away.

Nicole’s been on a mission to heal women’s connection with the most intimate part of themselves since becoming a certified health and wellness coach who serves women specifically. Read all about her incredible healing journey with PCOS here. Willow feminine oil launches just today and we think it could change how so many women manage their sexual self-care. We’re sharing our exclusive chat with Nicole here and offering the chance to win one of the very first bottles of Willow for yourself today over on Instagram today.

Q: Nicole, we love your attitude towards sexual health and how women can feel more grounded and empowered in this area. Talk to us about why you’re launching Willow.

A: The inspiration behind Willow is to bring awareness to the importance of self vaginal care for women. It is not just about preparing for sex but more of a ritual I am hoping will be added to women’s self-care routines. The ritual of using Willow should give a woman the same feeling some of us get when wearing a sexy lingerie set for everyday – and just for ourselves. I want to empower women sexually through self-care of their vaginas specifically. And I also am hoping it can open up the conversation on vaginal health and sexuality in general.

Q: You’ve worked with so many women in the area of sexual health in your coaching practice. What have you found women experience by connecting more intentionally with this area of their bodies?

A: So many things really. I have noticed women starting to feel more at ease in their body and more attentive to situations that do not make them feel good. I have noticed a new level of respect for themselves and who they choose to give their time and body to. This was a big one for me specifically. I notice a certain grace in a lot of women who truly connect with their body and sexuality. It is quite beautiful. I always think of a butterfly’s transformation when I work with some clients surrounding this area. Watching that transformation is so powerful.

Q: What are a few misconceptions you think most women have that hold them back in this area of sexual self-care? Any frequently encountered ideas you find hold us back?

A: I don’t know if it is so much a misconception as it is neglect. I believe we have been – in a way – conditioned not to care for our vaginas in three ways when it comes to three topics: menstruation, sex and birth. There are some self-care washes out on the market that just seem very unappealing. I wanted to bring something to the market that brings an elegance, sexiness and a bit of subtlety when used.

Q: Talk to us about Willow’s ingredients and why you chose them.

A: I am so excited about these ingredients. Willow has been about a year-long process, because I wanted everything to blend together perfectly. I choose ingredients that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and pH balancing. Every oil and essential oil in this blend has at least one of those benefits! The greatest part about the combination of these oils is they absorb into the skin within 30 seconds to one minute of applying. You can also use Willow on your whole body – on your neck, body and even face. I wanted this oil to target the vagina, but also be able to nourish any part of your body!

Q: Are the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties useful for any specific conditions?

A: We have had women in an internal (unpublished) study apply Willow to herpes and HPV outbreaks with dramatic results in alleviating outbreaks. Mostly I chose these oils because bacteria and germs are everywhere, and having something that can help keep that area very clean and strong to fight against any germs or viruses is so important. The vagina has a natural ability to balance its pH; Willow is more to take care of the vagina externally.

Q: How do you recommend women use Willow?

A: Every woman is different. I personally love using Willow after a bath or shower in the morning and evening. I fill the dropper into my hand and apply from my pelvis down onto my vagina. You can rub her in anywhere. She is also amazing when applied to the neck and chest area! I have had women tell me when they wake up in the morning their husbands compliment them on how great they smell! I love that.

Learn more about women’s health with these holistic tips from Nicole Granato.

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  1. Willow ‘Feminine’ oil? I’d use it only on other areas of the body. The fact that the maker claims its initially aimed at the vaginal area is just click bait for bored millenials. No gyn/obstet would recommend inserting any cosmetic into the vagina. Its not really clear from the article whether one is meant to do this anyway. If not, then it’s just another body oil. Yawn.

    Michelle | 04.03.2018 | Reply
    • Nadine Artemis has had a line of vaginal products for years her book Renegade beauty is life changing!!!! Her product line is living libations it’s beyond fabulous!!!!!

      Marianne Callari | 04.06.2018 | Reply
  2. Interesting concept and great to encourage self/sexual care and healing. However, almost every doctor in the US will tell you not to use fragrances anywhere near your vagina. This oil includes essential oil fragrances. I understand the goal is for it to be antiviral but I would not put a fragrance in my vaginal area as that is known to upset the very PH that your vagina is made to self-regulate. I welcome contrary insight as I think this product has the right aims but not the right ingredients for use in/by the vagina…

    Em Dos | 04.03.2018 | Reply
    • Essential oils and “fragrances” are VERY different! An essential oil has therapeutic qualities because they are steam-distilled pure plant extracts. Fragrance oils are synthetically made chemical scent compounds, I would 100% avoid using these anywhere sensitive or internal!

      Bria | 04.06.2018 | Reply
  3. I love Chalboard and I love body oil, but this concept is downright dangerous. The claims that this is intended for the vagina but also indicated for external use are contradictory (anyone familiar with the female anatomy would know that the vagina is internal — perhaps what is actually meant is the vulva and labia?). I also see no research or corresponding approval from anyone in the medical community.

    This is clickbait at best, a serious health risk at worst.

    JJH | 04.05.2018 | Reply
    • THE very first answer in the FAQ on their website says “Willow is for external use but can be applied to and around the labia.” There are women putting FAR WORSE things in/on/around their vaginas than this! I remember reading a long time ago that grape seed oil (one of the first ingredients in this) can be used as a natural lubricant for intercourse, so I’m really not worried about this…. I’d rather use a natural plant-based product than a synthetic chemical wash

      Bria | 04.06.2018 | Reply
      • Taken from this article, “I wanted this oil to target the vagina,” and from the product website, “you can start on your lower abdomen down to your vagina.” Again, the vagina is an internal part of the female anatomy. Words matter, accuracy matter, and using correct language about our bodies helps to remove the stigma around them.

        The argument that women use worse things is far from convincing! The vagina is pretty magical and self cleaning; douches, chemical cleansers, and even a feminine oil are largely unnecessary.

        JJH | 04.06.2018 | Reply


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