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    Health at all Costs: The Best Polyphenols At Every Price

    We are being happily seducedĀ  into the autumn season. An abundance of pomegranates is one of our favorite signs that the season has come. Those beautiful, yet complex fruits with their scarlet red stained color never cease to excite us with culinary ideas and the countless ways in which to use them. Fortunately for us, pomegranates are as rich in nutrients as they are in taste and color, fighting for the top spot on the ORAC scale as one of the foods most concentrated in antioxidants.

    Pomegranates have historically been used as a heart tonic and blood builder, but it is their polyphenol content that makes this fruit so seductive. Polyphenols are turning heads in the research world, generating new expectations for improvements in health. But all this buzz isn’t just about antioxidants: polyphenols boost the ability to reduce inflammation, protect against heart disease, normalize blood pressure and prevent prostate cancer. Not too shabby for such a delicious fruit! Take a chance and start boosting your polyphenol intake with one of our 3 picks in order to supercharge that body of yours and allow that crimson glow to take over…


    Tantalizing to the taste buds with just the suggestion of sweetness, this powder has become one of our favorite ways to get our dose of polyphenols. Easily added to any smoothie, juice or baking recipe, the only thing stopping us from blending it into our food is the fact that it probably wouldn’t make it far from the spoon. Worth its weight in gold.


    It is hard to think of reasons why you would not want to enjoy the taste of pomegranates on their own, but the one reason that does come to mind is therapeutic usage. For those of you who are looking to utilize polyphenols for more than just anti-aging benefits, taking polyphenols in supplement form is ideal. With supplements you can reach the higher dosages needed for medicinal effect without agonizing over how to consume bushels full of pomegranates daily. Paradise Herbs uses 100% vegetarian capsules void of fillers, binders or common allergens.

    Low: Pomegranate Fruit

    Pomegranates are the superstar of countless autumn and winter recipes. Blend the seeds into desserts and baked goods, use them as a topping for morning yogurt or a tart accent to salads – get creative and add these seeds to everything. For those of you who lack the creative gene, try this ready-to-go recipe for Roasted Eggplant with Turmeric ‘Yogurt’ Sauce – rich with coconut cream, basil, and of course, pomegranate seeds, this dish is perfect for vegans and meat eaters alike!

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    1. What’s the easiest way to remove the seeds from a pomegranate?

      Jerri Anne | 10.25.2013 | Reply
      • Hi Jerri Anne! The easiest way is to slice the fruit in quarters and throw it in a bowl of water – most of the seeds should float right up to the top!

        The Chalkboard | 10.25.2013 | Reply
    2. Can we swallow the seeds? I just chew on it and spit seeds out. The problem is that I get a pile of seeds next to me and it gets messy. Tips??

      Gina | 11.10.2013 | Reply
      • Gina, yes! Pomegranate seeds are a-ok to consume.

        The Chalkboard | 11.13.2013 | Reply

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