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We’re pretty demanding of our smoothie recipes: make our skin glow, balance our blood sugar…and give us the best night ever. 

We asked the smoothie whisperer to craft this ‘good sex smoothie’ recipe with us after we realized just how far his superfood knowledge went. Sage and Annablanca’s love story starts where all wellness love stories should: at the Erewhon tonic bar, where Sage’s smoothie whisperer status all began. Learn more about the magical couple behind Addictive Wellness here. Here’s how Sage concocted the recipe and everything you should know to whir things up…

The Chalkboard asked for it – and I’m going to give you the most powerful tonic you can imagine here. This recipe will definitely help get things going, but if you make the effort to really work on your hormone health, I promise everything will go to an even higher level — not just in bed but in all areas of life! The greatest experiences will come when both your heart and hormones are in the right place.

This is a very similar formula to something I made my partner AnnaBlanca the first time we hung out.  We were just friends at the time, but I figured, why not give this a try! Things didn’t exactly go according to plan…she took it from me and just put it away in the fridge without even tasting it.  She did drink it the next day, but unfortunately, I was long gone by the time the effects came in. I still have the email she sent me after drinking it.

For the gentleman
We’re going to start you off with this shot to effect significant vasodilation, so blood can go where it’s needed. And the D-ribose is also going to provide some extra fuel for the mitochondria.  (If you are prone to cold sores, don’t take this shot, as it can increase the likelihood of a cold sore formation.) Use this shot to swallow these capsules from Dragon Herbs, which are 80% Tongkat Ali, one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and performance enhancers, 10% He Shou Wu, and 10% Polyrachis Ant.

The Gentleman Shot
serves 1


4 oz water
1 tsp arginine
1 tsp citrulline
1 tsp D-ribose


Use this shot to take 3 capsules of Dragon Herbs TomKat.

In this elixir for both of you, we’re going to make a delicious hot tonic bringing together the best aphrodisiac herbs from around the world as well as a few other strategic non-aphrodisiac herbs.  As the base, we’re going to use Spring Dragon gynostemma tea from Dragon Herbs. This is a great herb to help one feel simultaneously peaceful and invigorated, a great state of body and mind to be in for a romantic experience.  Cistanche is a fiery yang herb that will help bring circulation to the genitals.  It has been used for thousands of years to enhance both virility and fertility. Next, cordyceps helps to enhance the body’s natural energy production and is considered to be one of the best sex tonics.

Now we are going to depart the world of Chinese herbs and cross over the Himalayas into India, from where we will use mucuna pruriens, a seed pod that is the highest natural source of L dopa (precursor to dopamine) and a strong aphrodisiac.  In fact, in animal studies, mucuna was found to nearly double the “mounting frequency” and also significantly improved sperm motility. Jumping around the world to Peru, we will add in gelatinized maca. Unlike raw maca, this has been heat-processed to break it down, making it more potent and easier to digest.  Raw maca can often cause flatulence, and it would be cruel to give someone an aphrodisiac that has that side effect.

The next component of this elixir is one of my absolute favorites. The primary herb in Dragon Herbs’ Will Strengthener formulation is polygala. The herbs we’ve included so far are all very root chakra focused, but polygala is said to open the Penetrating Vessel, an energetic pathway that connects the kidneys to the heart.  This pathway is very commonly blocked, resulting in the lack of connection between our sexual energy and emotions. I want you to have the most profound experience possible and now everything you’ll be doing tonight can come from the purest place.

Time to make this into a delicious hot chocolate! We’ll add in our own Heirloom Cacao powder made from the rarest and highest quality Arriba Nacional beans.  Cacao contains numerous mood-enhancing compounds such as serotonin and anandamide (also known as the bliss compound), but, most importantly, phenyethylamine- the love-bliss chemical that is naturally secreted in our brains when we are in love!  Finally, we’ll add some coconut oil to cream it up and a bit of stevia to sweeten without spiking blood sugar.

The Good Sex Smoothie
serves 2


In a blender, add all of the ingredients. Blend on high and enjoy!

Here’s a link to a talk  Sage recently gave on optimizing hormone health
that you both can watch together later

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