Get In The Mood: Here’s What To Do About A Low Libido

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There’s a whole other
layer of sex education happening for women these days. A surge of wellness solutions have recently emerged that address our sex life and our periods from a deeper level than we ever learned about in school or from friends. Often these private matters aren’t addressed in our doctor’s appointments or, if they are, they don’t involve much education about our bodies.

A low libido is one of the top sexual health issues women are looking to solve. While the root causes are diverse, the best solutions we’ve discovered have to do with increasing blood flow, quelling inflammation and developing a deeper understanding of the body.

We’ve been learning fascinating details about libido from the people at Foria, a CBD brand with deep knowledge of plant medicine when it comes to building pleasure and relief from pain.

The release of their Awaken arousal oil made with broad-spectrum CBD created quite a stir among our community when it launched. As women in wellness began using the product and passing on the news of their experience, it garnered a bit of a cult following. According to the company, “Menstruation, sex and menopause are the top three reasons that women use cannabis for self-care.”

Here’s what the experts at Foria have to say, not just about their first-ever intimate massage oil made with CBD, but about why a product like this helps with libido issues on a holistic level…

Increase Blood Flow
Did you know CBD can be absorbed into the body through the skin — especially the highly absorbent skin of your vagina? Using a CBD oil down there can help with inflammation that could be interfering with your experience of pleasure, and can help heighten arousal without causing you to become overly sensitive.

A growing number of women are applying cannabinoids directly to their vulvas to increase sexual pleasure — without any noticeable mental effects. Normally, when you experience sexual arousal, blood rushes to your clitoris and vagina, creating opening, elongating and lubrication. Similarly, when you apply phytocannabinoids to these parts, blood flow naturally increases there.

For older women, a low libido is often related to menopause and, in that case, increasing blood flow is crucial. Sure, lubricants are helpful, but a lubricant that increases blood flow can make an incredible difference. Read more for surprisingly sexy solutions for menopause here.

Awaken, a natural arousal lube, is a CBD oil infused with other stimulating plant-based aphrodisiac ingredients such as kava kava (which stimulates the same receptors as THC), cinnamon, peppermint, cardamom and ginger oils.

Eliminate Pain 

Sex isn’t fun if you’re not feeling comfortable, and sex isn’t happening at all if you’re feeling pain. Fortunately, using cannabinoids vaginally is a direct route for relief. 

If it’s pain from your period you’re looking to address, it seems to us that reducing pain in this area, in general, is going to help your life overall — including your sex life. But what’s the best way to get cannabinoids into your vagina?

Foria’s CBD suppositories are the most concentrated form of vaginal CBD they offer. According to the company, CBD helps relieve feelings of pain by reducing inflammation and dulling our pain response (CBD is capable of desensitizing the pain receptor TRPV1).  Instead of taking Ibuprofen, which can irritate your stomach, vaginal CBD “targets the same enzyme that Ibuprofen does — decreasing your body’s production of inflammatory prostaglandins that stimulate painful cramps — and THC and CBD reduce both the intensity of the cramps and your ability to feel their pain signals.”

CBD melts menstrual cramps in two ways. First, when they desensitize pain receptors, they prevent nerves from triggering muscle contractions. Second, CBD and THC have been shown to reduce maximum level of contraction in muscles, turning that painful spasm into a gentle squeeze. Foria’s CBD suppositories are unlike anything we’ve ever tried and many women are shocked at how effective they are upon first use. 

In addition to being designed for menstrual cramps, the company says they’re great for vaginal muscle tension, pain and menopause symptoms. “If it’s pain from a condition like endometriosis, we’re thrilled to share that CBD, and especially the suppositories, can be a major game-changer, too.” (Get the whole story here.)

Get Out Of Your Head

Sometimes a low sex drive is a result of too much activity going on elsewhere — namely, your brain. CBD has become an amazing natural resource for dealing with anxiety and other mood imbalances (which can lead directly to a low libido). Foria’s Basics tonic is an incredibly easy and effective supplement with CBD daily, which provides some immediate relief from anxiety, while also building up your body’s endocannabinoid reserves for long-term benefits. Taking a daily dose of CBD orally in the form of a capsule, tincture or vape can help change your mood and mentality quickly, although we’re pretty sure that working with the Awaken arousal oil could get you out of your head faster than all of them combined.

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