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    Earth Day Makeunder: The BBQ

    Whether it’s to celebrate Earth Day or just to celebrate the weekend, it’s the perfect time to throw a backyard BBQ.  In honor of Earth Day, we’ve highlighted a few easy ways you can change your backyard behavior, protect the environment and still have a great time!  Most of us would like to find ways to do things more naturally, but don’t know where to begin.  Either that or our long-standing habits over-ride our wish to make the changes.

    Here are three simple, accessible changes you can make this weekend and still keep your BBQ-loving friends and neighbors happy and well-fed!

    Grass-Fed Burgers

    Turn up the heat and get the grill ready.  You can eat meat and still be eco-friendly!  Grass-fed usually means that cows that are pasture-fed – a more environmentally friendly method of ranching!  These animals enjoy open pasture and the natural ecosystem they have always known, rather than the often criticized conventional methods that have become the norm.  Using meat from cows raised on grass-fed ranches also gives consumers the opportunity to support local farms that manage natural resources more responsibly.

    Grass-fed beef  has many amazing healthy benefits.  It is one of the richest sources of cancer-fighting fatty acids like CLA and is lower in fat than it’s conventional counterparts.  Since the meat is leaner, it cooks faster – make sure you adjust your cooking time!

    Compostable Picnicware

    Many of us feel that tinge of guilt when tossing out the inevitable disposable cups and plates that build up after backyard BBQs.  But who has time to wash all those dishes instead?  We love the ingenious solutions from Repurpose Compostables! Their cups are made from compostable plants – not petroleum, use soy-based inks and are BPA-free! They’re certified compostable meaning they will break down in a matter of months, not millenia.  Repurpose cups are a hit with the music crowd and can be found backstage at every Maroon 5 and Sheryl Crow show! For casual outdoor get-togethers where disposables seem unavoidable, they are the green-conscious partier’s dream.  As a bonus, Repurpose cups are beautiful and clear, making a welcome replacement to the standard plastic red party cups!

    Fresh-Pressed Juices

    Naturally, BBQs bring their fair share of sugary drinks our way.  Whatever form of beverage is offered, BBQs usually offer up all the worst offenders when it comes to processed  drinks.  While we often blame the potato chips or burgers for the calorie overload, these beverages carry more than their fair share.  Our beverage makeunder of choice? Fresh-pressed juice.  Not only do fresh juices replace those beverage’s empty calories with added nutrition, they add an unexpected element to the staid choices that are normally offered.  We love juice in fresh twists on classic cocktails.  For fun ideas see our insanely delicious sangria pairings with Pressed Juicery juices!

    It is possible to have your BBQ and make it eco-friendly too!  We hope our ideas give you food for thought.  For more healthy BBQ inspirations, see these other Chalkboard posts:

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