Our Top 10 Smoothie + Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes To Kickstart 2013
Chocolate Cherry Superfood Smoothie

We've referred to Linda Wagner's detox drink recipe a few times this year, both for post-partum mommies and energy-seeking office mates. Because of powerful ingredients like maca, acai and colostrum, this smoothie recipe is a great way to get your body hooked again on real nutrition and to steer clear of all the sugar bombs that litter your path into the new year. Try adding a nourishing smoothie like this into your afternoon routine and watch as your appetite for healthy foods returns!

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There’s no time like early January to give your body a break with a 3 day juice cleanse. But going straight from hitting the egg nog to hitting the green juice is not something we recommend! To start getting yourself in the mood and to make the transition from holiday cookies a bit less jarring, we’re rounding up a few of our favorite smoothie and raw juice recipes from throughout the year.

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