It’s The Little Things: Sophia Bush’s Top 6 Simple Pleasures
Words With Friends: Terrapin Stationery Cards

Terrapin Stationers has been creating their classic embossed and engraved notes and cards since 1913, but we're assuming Sophia loves this old-time stationer for their newer, less-than-orthodox design collections, including this brass knuckle-embossed set of note cards and a few of the other tongue-in-cheek styles you'll have to read to believe. A surprising message like this from a friend would be sure to perk up anybody's day!

It’s The Little Things: Sophia Bush’s Top 6 Simple Pleasures

Sophia Bush thinks big. But, just as it is for all of us, at the end of the day – and in all those little micro-moments along the way  – it’s the little things that keep her wheels turning and the inspiration buzzing. Whether it be the perfect cup of coffee or a little hand-written note from a friend, we asked Sophia to let us in on a few of those details that keep her feeling great from sun up to sun down. Here are a few of the daily staples she relies on to stay motivated and live the good life…

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  1. It’s silly, but it makes me happy to see Soph such a fan girl of a GOOD cup of coffee. Too many people worship bland cups of coffee b/c of the brand name. Pour over/drip has become my favorite at home coffee ritual over the last 2 years. Yum!

    Lolly | 06.23.2014 | Reply
    • Not silly at all – we really love our coffee!

      The Chalkboard | 06.26.2014 | Reply

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