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It’s not just about the O. Sexual health calls for building layers of intimacy — with our bodies, ourselves, our partners — which means that self-care is key. Women’s health expert, Nicole Granato, is sharing three simple, sustainable tips for vibrant sexual health…

It is something we women desire. A vibrant and deeply intimate sex life with our partners or even ourselves! We find the deepest form of connection through intimacy with another. However are we truly allowing ourselves to enter a deep intimate state or are we secretly holding ourselves back? Are we giving not just our body but ourselves to our partner? What comes together for two people to be deeply intimate and have an amazing sex life? Have you ever heard the statement “sex is better with someone you love” it is because when you fall in love with someone there is a level of knowing, trust, vulnerability and ecstasy that comes with it all. There are a few steps that come together in order to create sexual bliss with another person.

True Vulnerability 

True intimacy comes from true vulnerability to another. Opening your heart, giving your body and welcoming your partner to yours. It is the time where all of the background noise is gone and you are in your purest state, open, exposed and present with another. Being vulnerable and allowing yourself to let go and feel every sensation, release every emotion and find the healing in giving yourself vulnerably to another is what creates true connection.

Know Your Needs

Knowing your body is something that seems simple and obvious but when it comes down to it not many people truly know their bodies and what they like sexually. Along with this not many people feel comfortable asking their partners for this. Knowing what you like, how you want to be touched, kissed and even spoken to is so important when creating an epic sexual experience with your partner. There is nothing sexier than a women who knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it to a man and even the power for yourself in doing so. How can you connect more to your body and think about what you desire? and What you want?

Practice Self-Care

Taking care of yourself mind and body is so important in feeling good, sexy and confident as a women. When we are at the peak of our self care how much sexier do you feel? When you exercise and nourish your body with good food how sexy do you feel? When you know you have taken care of yourself and you are entering in an intimate moment with your partner what changes about the way you touch, kiss and move your body? Most likely you are more free, open and confident which is essential for creating a vibrant sexual experience with another.

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  1. On the money! I just had a conversation about connecting with a partner to enjoy better sex with my girlfriends. Good to know I am not alone.

    Tara | 12.04.2017 | Reply
  2. Very well written and thoughtful. It reminded me of a time when I was in love, and how vital it was to connect with my partner to enhance our intimacy.

    Cookie | 12.04.2017 | Reply

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