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    We put a ton of intention into the way we cook lately. We hunt and gather seasonal veggies from the farmer’s market, naturally raised meats from a “real” butcher and only pop open a bottle of wine once we’re sure it’s organic. But what might trump the health quotient of all of this is that tiny after thought of everyday spices or herbs sprinkled into the butter before roasting everything up!

    Herbs and spices for flavor, yes – but herbs and spices for vital health? That’s something we’re just beginning to catch onto. The key is in finding easy ways to work them into what you’re eating as often as possible.

    To start, build out your spice rack. Choose three spices you’re drawn to and check out our tips below to weave them into the kinds of things we’re eating all the time. We’re using what McCormick calls the Everyday 10, a list of spices that are familiar, easy to cook with and healthy too…

    mccormick spices’ everyday 10

    Ground Turmeric | We love that turmeric is having a moment. Scientific evidence has been building around the potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, of curcumin, a compound in the golden spice and we’re more than happy to infuse it into more grain and veggies dishes for the distinctive flavor. Remember, a little goes a long way!

    Ground Ginger | We love the distinct yet adaptable flavor of ginger, but the fresh root version is often overpowering. Dried ginger allows us to add a dash to just about anything. Try adding this herbal powerhouse to vanilla, mango, chai or berry smoothies for a complex flavor that’ll have you hooked. We also love a little ginger in an afternoon cup of tea for an extra kick.

    Ground Cinnamon | There’s a reason coffee shops everywhere keep that shaker of cinnamon out on their bars – don’t ignore it! That innocent pinch of cinnamon in your almond latte can add so much warming flavor and a spicy boost to balance out sweetness and sugar.

    Ground Cumin + Smoked Paprika | Hummus makes a quick, high-fiber snack and a dash of earthy cumin or smoked paprika will improve your home batch like nothing else. We also love a light sprinkle of either McCormick spice on sliced cucumbers (take them to the office for easy afternoon hydration and to curb crunchy cravings).

    Thyme Leaves + Oregano Leaves | Naturally, these herbs make an ideal match for a good and cozy red sauce, but for nights when Italian’s not on the menu, consider throwing a healthy dash of both into a simple vinaigrette. We love the versatile combination of raw oil, good vinegar, spicy mustard and herbs. Learn to make a dressing that perfectly suits your palette and you’ll find you’re eating more salads in no time.

    McCormick Crushed Red Pepper | Facing a dinner recipe you’ve made three nights in a row? Or a healthy recipe that turned out drab? There’s no more sure fire way to amp things up than with the heat of crushed red pepper flakes. Add to grilled veggies, rice bowls, or any plain chicken dishes for a fresh flavor profile instantly.

    Garlic Powder + Ground Black Pepper | Garlic powder adds a subtly sweet richness that helps enhance and unite flavors in a dish the way salt would, but without the sodium. Don’t underestimate simple black pepper either. Sprinkle both onto roasted nuts, cooked veggies or into hummus for a quick hit of flavor that really satisfies.

    This post was in partnership with McCormick. To learn more about the McCormick Everyday 10 herbs and spices and some simple recipes to put them to use, click here!


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    1. Sorry, don’t really get the point of this article. Aside from the turmeric, the others outline HOW to use them but not really WHY or how our health may benefit. Again, sorry but of course McCormick would tell us how to use them (up their sales) but I’d be more impressed if the talked about the “why”. Also, whenever possible let’s face it… fresh is better than dried/powdered.

      Gabi | 10.03.2016 | Reply
    2. So good.

      The Chalkboard | 10.03.2016 | Reply

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