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This november, we’re exploring the wellness habits of inspiring men from  Blake Mycoscie of TOMS Shoes to Movember founder Adam Garone.

To celebrate Pressed Juicery’s delicious collab with the Movember Foundation (this protein-rich nut milk is smoothie soul mate material), we’re doing our part to support the organization’s honorable mission of bringing awareness to men’s health issues, raising funds and maybe even saving lives.

Most of the world knows Russell Simmons as a music industry icon, but the mogul is also known for his deep advocacy for meditation, yoga, and for his twenty-year commitment to veganism.

Since launching luxury yogi brand, Tantris, including the brand’s eight-thousand square foot yoga center by the same name in Hollywood, Simmons has turned his passion for wellness into a mindful mini-verse.

Get to know the real Russell Simmons below, including his daily diet and insights on a healthy lifestyle. We love that Russell shares this and couldn’t agree more: “There are a lot of challenging aspects to sustaining healthy habits, but after they become routine they’re not so challenging.”

Healthiest daily ritual:

Every day I wake up, get out of bed and make myself a blueberry banana smoothie. I stretch for a bit, meditate for 20 minutes, then go to an 8am yoga class. I drive by my favorite spot for cryotherapy on my way to work, and sometimes stop in before getting to the office.

What I typically eat in a day...

I’ve been vegan for over 20 years, so I eat a plant-based diet which changes daily. I love Beyond Burger made with pea protein; it’s pretty special.

Daily necessity for balance/ sanity:

My meditation practice is very important. All it takes is 20 minutes in the morning, but it sets the tone for the rest of my day. It’s on ongoing practice with so many medical and physical benefits; spiritual as well. It’s a good tool to start knowing yourself.

Fave thing to cook for myself:

I’m not a big cooker. I cook a lot, but I don’t like to. Lately, I like to put a tiny bit of oil in a pan with vegan yolk, spinach and crushed red pepper. I add the Beyond Burger and saute all together.

Best outlet for stress:

Meditation and yoga are the key. I’m really into devotional hot vinyasa, where we talk about yogic science, not just about the physical practice. Yoga is a science of coming back and remembering the self, and the practices that help you get there are the sutras. Together they pave a path away from stress, towards enlightenment.

Recently inspired by...

I am inspired by a lot of the activism that is starting to happen now – all the philanthropic and social work. I just produced a documentary about homelessness and learned a lot about the homeless population in LA. People would be outraged to know that there are 60% more people on the streets than there was two years ago, and the number is increasing this year. I am inspired by other people who are paying attention and taking action.

How I become present:

I try to watch my breath and be at ease. Meditation is the best for this, but yoga works too as a moving meditation. Remember to take things as they are, where you are, as best you can. Stress will happen. Let it be meaningful, then let it go.

The most challenging aspect of healthy living...

Going vegan was pretty challenging early on. It’s also a challenge to maintain a daily yoga practice. There are a lot of challenging aspects to sustaining healthy habits, but after they become routine they’re not so challenging.

My wellness philosophy:

The most important thing a human can do is quiet the mind. All the things we do to promote a quiet mind will help us live well. Start on the yoga mat, get into the world with a happy mind, body and spirit.

How I Boost A Low Mood:

I don’t need celebration to make me happy; I believe happiness is in the heart. The things I do to make myself happy are directly for the heart. Working from the outside in isn’t very helpful. Some people look for a comfortable seat by buying a car, but I’ve learned that it comes from knowing yourself.

Ingredients in food I avoid:

I avoid meat, dairy and all other animal products. A plant-based diet fights almost every disease you can imagine, while animal-based creates every disease.

best tip for work-life balance:

Try to do it all with a smile. When you meditate and do yoga and take care of yourself you operate from a better place. What you do to help yourself get present makes you a better worker. If the work makes you happy the results are fringe benefits. Put your head down, do the best you can, and forget the rest. As long as you’re doing your best and staying present, great things will happen.

Current reading list...

I’m reading The Yoga Sutras again.

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  1. Confused. He uses yolk in his recipe, but he’s vegan?

    Kathleen | 10.30.2017 | Reply
  2. I had the same thought….^

    Ashley | 10.30.2017 | Reply
  3. Russell Simmons is indeed a well known vegan so I think he’s probably referring to The Vegg vegan egg yolk product.

    Blythe | 10.30.2017 | Reply


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