Reader Tips: How To Clean Tools
Tools get rusty – especially if you use them outside.  To get rid of rust I actually use cola to soak tools.  Pour an entire bowl full of cola and lay tools in the bowl.  The next day, rinse them off and the rust will be gone.  The phosphoric acid in the soda actually dissolves it! You could also potentially use this tip as a way to get your friends to drink less soda!
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  1. your opening creidt it so soothing. Seriously! :) What foundation do you wear, darlin? I’m dying to know!! Or do you not where any at all?! :) The stretch mark tip works!! I’ve used a similar recipe on a pregnant friend of mine so once again, you’re right on! The B-carotene is metabolized into vitamin A. Coconut Oil is also a great way to grow out your lashes and nourish them. ooh! Love 5-htp! Wonderful tips. It does control appetite and depression. 50 mg per day is all I need.xox-Jess


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