DIY Home Decor with Mason Jars

We love this lovely little DIY from lovely little!  Liz Marie shares this stylish and practical element for interior design that costs less than two dollars at your local grocery store. You can find antique mason jars that cost more, and many are available in different styles, but this DIY project uses four simple wide mouth Mason Jars to organize the odds and ends of your bathroom accessories.


  • a wooden board to mount on your wall
  • four Mason Jars
  • two picture frame hangers
  • four large pipe clamps
  • four screws and a screwdriver


  1. Screw each pipe clamp into the board, spacing them out evenly. The pipe clamps will hold the mason jars.
  2. Place each mason jar into each clamp, tightening if possible to secure the jar.
  3. Mount the board onto your bathroom wall using the picture frame hangers.
  4. Fill your jars with cotton balls, Q-tips, cosmetic sponges, or whatever you need to store!

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