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Brandy from The Style Mentors shows us four different ways to wear one of your most flattering accessories: your belt. Belts bring attention to your waistline and create a feminine hourglass figure. By knotting a longer belt, you avoid punching an additional hole into your belt, add a more direct focal point to your outfit, and you may realize you don’t need to accessorize much more!

  • Single Knot – Fasten your belt and tie the excess length in a knot closest to the buckle.
  • Loop Knot – Same as the Single Knot, except you will use the belt loop in the knot.
  • Two Knots – Great for really long belts, combine the Loop Knot and then the Single Knot.
  • Just Knot – Perfect if your belt is a size too big. Instead of fastening the belt first, just knot it and use the buckle to hold it in place.
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