DIY Steam Shower with Essential Oils

There’s nothing like a day at the spa.  But when you need some TLC and your schedule just won’t allow, here’s the next best thing.  Take a warm washcloth and spray or soak with your favorite essential oil, lavender and eucalyptus are great for this.  Give the shower floor a scrub with the cloth as though you were cleaning it and run the shower at its hottest temperature for about 15 minutes.  While the water running and the steam is building, take yet another warm washcloth and spray with the same oil.  Turn the water off or at least down to a safe and reasonable temperature and step into the shower full of steam.  Hold the washcloth up to your face and take a deep breath while also inhaling the vapors rising from the shower floor.  This will clear your head physically and mentally and is a wonderful way to unwind before going to bed.


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