A DIY Workout Armband

Make this fun and adorable armband for your morning jog.  It will hold your phone or iPod comfortably and keep your hands free to maximize your workout!

Materials you’ll need:

  • A tube sock, with an 8-inch or greater “tube”
  • Scissors
Start by cutting the sock at the end of the tube section, where the foot begins, so that you have just the tube. Then, turn the sock inside-out and insert your arm so that the top of the sock is at the middle of your upper arm.
Fold up the bottom of the tube so that it’s right-side-out again and meets the top of the tube to form a pocket. Insert your phone and voila — you have a comfy smartphone armband!If you want to create something more fashionable or color-coordinated, you can use knee-length socks in any color or design.Optional: With a needle and thread, create a vertical stitch along the back of your armband to secure the sock, and your phone, in a permanent “pocket” position.Happy jogging!

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