¬†¬† As a mom of a 1-year-old, I’m constantly surprised how much I can learn from him.

I’m an aspiring professional organizer who’s always on the lookout for inspiration and wisdom about how to live in a calm and serene home. ¬†What are the secrets, the tools and the qualities you have to ¬† ¬†master to achieve this when you have children? (By the way, our baby girl will arrive in July.) Is it impossible? Or do you have to be a bit obsessed?

A couple of weeks ago, my son started to learn to walk. He truly enjoyed the process. His first wonky steps, he didn’t hurry, just practiced every day a bit when he felt like it. But you could see that he started¬†to ¬†realize that walking was more practical than crawling. For example, he could easily carry his beloved books to his mummy. Now, 3 weeks later, he is walking everywhere.

Why do we expect to be an organized person when we only de-clutter our house once a year come spring? It doesn’t happen overnight, but is rather a step-by-step process. We practice every day a bit, then slowly let go of our previous habits which don’t serve us anymore.

And then one day we wake up and realize we can run.




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